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Celebration marques 2017 

In 2017, Ferrari will host 100 events in World heritage listed venues around the globe
as part of their official 70th birthday celebrations. Motorclassica is proud to have
been chosen as one of two Australia host venues in what will be Australian Ferrari
enthusiasts biggest event of the year. We are therefore looking for the very best and
rarest examples of our celebration marque to create the central attraction for this
year’s event. Entries from around Australia are encouraged, whether you have entered
before or are a newcomer to Motorclassica. We want the best of the best!

2017 is an important year in the history of Australia’s own marque. Not only does
it mark the end of car manufacturing in Australia, but also 100 years since Holden
commenced building car bodies for the likes of Dodge and Chevrolet. Little known is
the fact that they also built armoured cars and weaponry for the war effort, and 200
W-Class trams for the Melbourne tramway system. In all, Holden designed car bodies
for more than 18 English, American and European brands prior to the first locally-built
Holden 48-215 in 1948, a car which went on to become legend. Join us in a fitting
tribute to Holden’s 100 years with your special example. Again, only the very best will
qualify for selection and we encourage entries for non-Holden cars built by Holden, or
those bearing the Holden brand.

No manufacturer is more distinguished by its forward thinking innovation and
rally success than Lancia, arguably the most humble of Italian marques. With
stunning design and an impressive list of technical firsts, it’s only appropriate
that we celebrate the best of Lancia in this its 110 year.

Midget speedcar racing was born in Los Angeles in 1933 and was quickly adopted in
Australia the following year with the first official speedcar race at Melbourne Olympic
Park in December 1934. The Victorian Speedcar Championship was inaugurated in
April the following year and stands as the second oldest Speedcar race in the World.
In 2017, Motorclassica relives the golden days of Speedcar racing, the 1950s and 60s,
when it was Australia’s second most watched Summer sport, outranking both cricket
and tennis.
Entries from classic Speedcars from the 1930s – 1960s are welcome and encouraged.

Founded in 1921, 2017 marks 95 years since Moto Guzzi entered production
of its first model, the 500CC Normale. The rest is history for the brainchild of
Carlo Guzzi and Georgio Parodi. The marque went on to great technological and
racing success, particularly during the 1940s and 50s with multiple wins in
MotoGP in both 250 and 350cc classes. It continues to be the oldest European
manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production.
Enrtries are welcome for all Moto Guzzi models, particularly early Normale,
GT Tour, Condor, Dondolino, Sport 15, Falcone and racing models.