/ Visitor Testimonials

Dear Paul and Motorclassica Team,

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some feedback on my experience last week.

Firstly a very heartfelt thank you for allowing us to participate in this year’s Motorclassica event, it was without doubt the highlight of the motor shows of the year.

I wanted to congratulate you and the team for a fabulous event and as a participant/entrant, every aspect of how we and our vehicle for that matter were treated was nothing short or excellent.

The staff and volunteers should also be commended as well as the catering in the VIP area which provided a well-earned rest after many hours on my feet.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time talking to the public and other enthusiasts about all things motoring related.  I sincerely hope the Kombi brought as much joy to everyone as it does for all who have the pleasure of viewing her; being an exceptional example of the model and marque.

My sincere thanks to your organisation and the public for the awards,  regardless of which, we were extremely proud of being a participant of such a prestigious event to begin with, as it topped off an amazing week for us and our families.

I look forward to attending future Motorclassica events either as a participant or part of the general public.

Congratulations and all the best.

Theo Dimopoulos


Dear Paul - with some fifty-odd years of activity and interest in the old car hobby, we have visited many of the superior car shows in both the UK and on the Continent. We have now lived in Australia for just on ten years, and this year was the first opportunity that we have to visit Motorclassica. How pleased we are that we did!

The purchase of VIP tickets was masterly, and quite frankly, we have never been treated so well as by the staff in the VIP lounge. The food was superb, well presented and the staff were all of good humour considering the hours that they were working. The lounge was truly the hub of the event, and we were able to tour the whole spectacle using the lounge as a base. Normally, one would be shoved around and be only too pleased to get away from the event.  This is not the case at Motorclassica. The cars are truly hand-picked, and it was hard to find an example that was not good enough for concours.   The support that you had from the many car clubs was outstanding, and it was a shame that the weather was not more kind to the outside exhibitors. Also on the

Outside, we must commend Srecko and David Lorbek and their staff for providing so many wonderfully exotic motor cars.   We really feel that these two brothers have taken a totally new approach to car sales, whereupon one really does feel part of the Lorbek family. Needless to say, we have already been overawed by their new showroom at Port Melbourne.

For our own part, we are going back to UK for a holiday next year, and we will be visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed, also the Bentley Drivers Club National Concours, and a couple of Mercedes Benz events. We can honestly say that we will have nothing but praise for Motorclassica when meeting up with our old friends in the UK.

In the meantime, we look forward to a return visit as the event is now firmly on our motoring calendar!

We thank you and your team for an absolutely spectacular weekend.

Kindest regards - Dave & Penny Norton, Dorrigo, New South Wales


I had visited Motorclassica twice in the past but to be invited as an entrant was very special as Motorclassica is a special event in the Australian motoring year. It is not,as some may refer a motor show,it is simply Australia's premier classic motoring event!

Congratulations again on another spectacular and successful event.  Having been to each event since its inception, I can truly say it is my favourite Car event of its kind.

A brilliant show! My son and I came in Sunday morning, and spent the next three hours wandering around slack-jawed, goggle-eyed, or just plain drooling (and, sometimes, all three at once) at the cars and bikes on display. Junior has lost his heart to a completely insane Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat, and I had to drag him away. Of course, he did more than his fair share of dragging away, too… from the Maserati stand, the latest iteration of Bolwell’s little Nagari rocket ship, multiple Jaguars (of course), the Lancia Stratos and Aurelia B20 (be still, my beating heart), the BMW 357, the… Well, it was good for his upper body development and parent management skills…

We stopped and listened to Gina Campbell for a while, spellbound by some of the tales she recounted about her father, along with her own experiences at the pointy end of “fast", and wandered through the Bluebird exhibit. That I’d stood on the shores of Coniston Water not four months ago only added to the sense of history. The Club Sandwich in the Plaza was terrific, and it was a real delight to see so many clubs and great cars turned out.

So, my thanks to you, and all your team, for a truly stand-out event. Bloody well done!